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We are proud to introduce you to the next generation of interactive billiard training and playing systems.

Be a part of the next generation of interactive billiard

Enrich your club and your members with a tool that brings a new dimension into billiards. Besides helping players to better understand the complexities in the billiards the system provides a better understanding of the nuances of billiards which leads to a faster learning curve for the player, speeding up their proficiently at billiards. We customize the product so its matches our costumers wishes.

Provide extra value-added services to you’re your clubs membership base:

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Stream and record your game and training

Now it is possible to stream and record your use of the interactive billiard systems in your training and your game. Don’t miss the chance to save and share a great game and a good moment with the billiard world and friends.

TCBS Explained by Frédéric Caudron
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Easy setup – You’re up and running in no time

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You will be amazed to see how easy you can experience the new fantastic world of billiard!

High fun percentage

Give your member a journey that will make a difference in the billiard sport. We continue optimizing the interactive billiard system so our customers get the most out of the product. Our mission is to create a strong product that promotes development in billiards.

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We have developed an easy-to-install plug and play system for installation at your billiard club.
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Easy install

It’s easy to set up and install – a few clicks and you’re up and running.


Get an additional revenue stream for your club by providing the training system to players by the hour.


Our hardware box is affordable and doesn’t requite expensive updates. It is included by the license.


Learning billiards will be much more fun and entertaining for your members/ customers.

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