How to practice effectively with Tonny Carlsen’s interactive billiard system

Kim Bengtsson is the owner of KB Fritidshuse, a Danish company which has been building colonial houses for the last 25 years. As so many others enjoy doing, Kim uses the interactive billiard training and playing system.

Kim Bengtsson sees the value in the system as according to Kim, ”This system brings a new dimension to the sport of billiards which I really appreciate.”  Billiards has complexities which can be challenging to understand. This interactive system helps a player to better understand those complexities thereby increasing the benefits of using the system as part of a player’s training.  For many like Kim, the interactive billiard system aids in the understanding of the nuances of billiards which leads to a faster learning curve for the player, speeding up their proficiently at billiards. However it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to reach your full potential if you do not practice.

One great feature of the system Kim Bengtsson draws attention to, which can make practice less monotonous, is that each lesson can be used as a building block with subsequent lessons, to aid those who practice in their efforts to become a better skilled player.

Another feature Kim Bengtsson loves, is that the interactive billiard system is very user friendly.  He specially mentions how the system helps you to navigate while in play, which helps to develop and improve your billiard playing skills. Kim’s favorite feature of the interactive billiard system is it shows the best way to use the angles. This is done by a camera which captures the position of the balls on the table. From that camera image, the system recommended to the player the optimal way to approach the shot.  The system’s recommendation appears on the screen so the player knows exactly what to do,  “it’s amazing” Kim Bengtsson enthusiastically states.




Kim Bengtsson has been playing billiards for many years and his interest in the sport is still growing. Sometimes he participates in tournaments. Kim Bengtsson has invested in Tonny Carlsen’s billiard system and it is obvious that it brings enjoyment to his spare time. Kim admits, ”After a long day from work, I really look forward to relaxing and playing billiards with friends.”

As a successful business owner that has limited free time, Kim Bengtsson laments that he only wishes he had more time to focus on this amazing billiard system which Tonny Carlsen has developed.

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